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News Archive

03/06/2010 - Reports and Experiences Pages
Did some work on the coding for my competitions reports pages and gallery. You can view it by following the link - not much content yet but once finished it will be very easy to add all sorts of media!

31/05/2010 - Cubestation Picture Galleries
Did some more work on the basic layout of the picture gallery page - will add pictures soon!

30/05/2010 - Cubestation Picture Galleries
I have started to renovate the picture galleries, and hope to have a lot of stuff online soon. Check out my Belgian Open 2010 pictures for now - many thanks to Lars Vandenbergh for his gallery script!

10/10/09 - UK Open 2009 Results
As Ron of is very busy at the moment, he hasn't had time to update the WCA website with the results for the UK Open 2009 yet. However, as a temporary measure, I have uploaded the results spreadsheet to the site - click on the above link to see all the results (and view as Read Only) - DanH

13/08/09 - UK Open 2009 Pages (incl. registration)
The UK Open 2009 pages are online - including registration form. I look forward to seeing you there!

11/05/09 - Kristianstad Open 2009
The Kristianstad Open 2009 will take place on Aug 15th and 16th. See the Competition Calendar for more details

05/05/09 - WCA Competition Calendar
Updated the Competition Calendar

27/04/09 - Dan's Ebay Auctions
I am putting a few of my puzzles and nik-naks up for auction on ebay, including a few speedcubes. Check out the auction by clicking the link above.

27/04/09 - Dan is back :)
Hi everyone, I'm back! After a long upheaval (moving jobs, moving house etc), I'm finally starting to get a bit more settled and have some time to devote to cubing again. I've also got my internet access back, so can now respond to emails. I have got a huge backlog, which I will slowly work through, and from today I will endeavour to respond to any new emails ASAP.

All the best, Dan :)

29/01/09 - Dan is unaccessable
Dan has little or no internet access at this time, and as a result is unable to respond to emails at this time. Sorry! Dan

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