Daily Anomalies Added

Tuesday 22nd June, 2021Posted by Dan


I've just added some daily max/min anomaly maps, after considering a number of ways to generate the "daily average" stats to compare against.

In the end, I've gone with linear interpolation between the monthly averages, centred upon mid-month.

UK Climate Data

Saturday 19th June, 2021Posted by Dan


I've recently added some pages which allow you to explore official UK and regional climate data from the National Climate Information Centre.

New Video Added

Monday 14th June, 2021Posted by Dan


A time-lapse of the beautiful sunset this evening


Friday 11th June, 2021Posted by Dan


NHC have updated the Atlantic Hurricane Database to include 2020 best tracks - now available through the Hurdat Explorer

UK Extremes Tables

Tuesday 8th June, 2021Posted by Dan


Significantly improved the performance and load times of the UK Top 10s tables - also added Rainfall, Sunshine and mean Wind statistics.

New Sun and Moon Calculators

Monday 31st May, 2021Posted by Dan


I've refreshed the Astro pages using content provided by SunCalc.org and MoonCalc.org - which provides a much better and dynamic interface than the previous system.

New Video Added

Wednesday 19th May, 2021Posted by Dan


Time lapse of yesterday's thundery trough now added to the Lapse Library. Check it out using the link below.

New Video Added

Tuesday 18th May, 2021Posted by Dan


A couple more videos have ben added to the lapse library, lenticular clouds and some convection

New Video Added

Saturday 15th May, 2021Posted by Dan


Two nice videos from yesterday's convective slack/variable flow regime, highlighting the vertical wind shear and the variation in the wind with time.

New Video Added

Friday 14th May, 2021Posted by Dan


Added a couple of videos from the mesocyclone/low topped supercell which passed overhead last Tuesday afternoon.